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Play Tang (Sunny Afternoon)
Play Tang (Sunny Afternoon)
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 Niu Defu ran back with a lingering fear and asked "Erlang what is Baitou Yin" Why did I ask and all those people wanted to beat me Xiang laughed her head off What the hell is going on How to say the fragrant smile is like this and the popularity outside is like this Incense scraped his nose and said "You are so rich Jiro asked you to study every day but I didn't think you were still ignorant" The stainless steel toilet little red plum outside just played "Phoenix Seeking Phoenix" As soon as she heard it she knew what Li Hong was playing She explained to Wang Hua "Zhuo Wenjun is the daughter of a rich man named Zhuo Wangsun She is beautiful Because her fiance died she was widowed at home" It happened to be seen by Sima Xiangru so he played a song "Phoenix Seeking Phoenix" during the dinner The music was that Feng Xi returned to his hometown and traveled all over the world to seek his Phoenix

When I haven't met I have no general How can I realize that I have ascended to Si Tang! There is a beautiful lady in the boudoir and the people in the room are poisoning my intestines He yuan is a Mandarin duck and Hu Jie is flying together! Huang Xi Huang Xi perches from me and I have to entrust my tail to be my concubine forever The friendship is harmonious who knows each other in the middle of the night Both wings rise and fly high without feeling my thoughts which make me sad Zhuo Wenjun recognized the meaning of the harp so the two fell in love with each other But Sima Xiangru had not yet made his fortune at that time and Zhuo Wangsun opposed it So two people eloped ran to Chengdu because of life distress Zhuo Wenjun sold jewelry opened a wine shop she also personally sold wine When Zhuo Wangsun heard about this he had to give them a large sum of money to live on for the sake of face "It would have been a wonderful thing" At this point she sighed and continued "It's a pity that after stainless steel squatting pan Sima Xiangru finally made his fortune he began to want to take a concubine" So Zhuo Wenjun wrote a poem to him which said that it was as white as snow on the mountain and as bright as the moon among the clouds Smell you have two ideas so come to resolve Cocktail party today ditch water head tomorrow On the imperial ditch the ditch water flows from east to west Sad and sad marry without crying Willing to be a man of one heart and never leave each other What is the bamboo pole What is the fish tail!

Man heavy spirit why use money knife for! It means breaking up with Sima Xiangru This poem is "Baitou Yin" Wang Hua sent out the meaning of this sentence telling Li Hong not to be cranky we have no friendship to speak of even if there is there is also temporary But this can only be sensed can not be expressed in words Niu Defu foolishly asked out those literati angry do not take out their anger on him Xiang added "But it was all right later After seeing this poem Sima Xiangru changed his mind again" Wang Hua put down his carving knife and said "That's not a change of heart Sima Xiangru's property is all given by Zhuo Wang Sun If they break up Sima Xiangru may become a pauper again" After listening to this sentence even Xiang wanted to kick him you little guy really do not understand the amorous feelings This incomparably elegant thing how to say through your mouth so vulgar! The inside is talking and the little girl outside is very angry

But looking at her petite the little girl made a great effort Time Delay Tap She stood up looked up saw a dead tree went over broke off a branch and wrote a poem on the ground A lute spreads to thousands of households and two lines of wild grass resound in the clouds of Beijing The first time I read poetry and books I shed tears and then I heard the dream of wet wipes in my life Knowing that you are noble and pure and have ancient meanings Zhuo Er is not a group of concubines The flowing water is empty and the flowers are falling and the bottomless stone of the vast ocean is flatter I know I don't deserve you but I'm counting on you When she finished the little girl left People were left to look at the poem and marvel After hearing this Wang Hua shook his head What kind of thing is this But then he threw himself into the intense lacquerware project with only three days left But this matter soon spread although Wang Hua entered Luoyang closed the door but there are often interesting things spread out Some people are in favor of Wang's painting in this matter the dignitaries can not make them bow down beauty can not make them greedy this is the real noble character But some people oppose Wang's painting saying that Wang's painting does not understand amorous feelings It reached the palace the next day Wu Zetian listened to also feel interesting she also wants to insert unexpectedly called Li Hong to come over Originally Li Hong was an official prostitute and her right of disposal also belonged to the royal family

Wu Zetian asked "Why do you like the painting of Wang in Gong County" Asked Li Hong a stupefied how should the emperor care about this matter But she replied "The maidservant likes his talent especially his character and ambition" Wu Zetian nodded She is not the only one who likes Wang's paintings now If Wang Hua opens his mouth he doesn't know how many girls in Luoyang want to marry him However this little red plum is stainless steel shower tray also "ambitious" not only actively pursuing but also writing a poem "Yes yes" she said "but what you don't know is that his family is not good" Wang Hua mentioned Gong County with an accurate address it is not easy to investigate and Gong County is not far from Luoyang the fast horse arrived in half a day However the matter was so low-key that even officials in Gong County did not know about it Now Wang Hua's family background has long been placed on Wu Zetian's desk and has been reviewed Including what Wang Hua said when he retired Wu Zetian also sighed with regret saying that the Du family had eyes and did not know gold inlaid with jade Li Hong replied "The maidservant is not afraid The maidservant is also a prostitute She was born in the same humble family"

As long as you follow him even if the maidservant sells wine like Zhuo Wenjun it doesn't matter Wu Zetian pondered for a moment and said "The key is not to sell wine" It's about his marriage I've made a decision It means that I have found a family for him and you are only a concubine at most in the painter Wang It is impossible to be a wife like Zhuo Wenjun Xiaohongzi was stunned at first There are many rumors about Wang's paintings Some said that he was deeply favored by Wu Zetian But some said that he was not high in Wu Zetian's mind and did not see that Wu Zetian had only said a few words to him in Zhang Yizhi's house nor had he been summoned to the palace nor had she let him take part in the scientific examination or directly awarded him an official position Why do you even care about his marriage Xiaohongzi doesn't understand But she also heard Wu Zetian's voice She gritted her teeth and said "As long as you follow him the maidservant will be willing to be a maidservant" There is no problem this time one wife two Teng three concubines four maidservants and five slaves not even a maid can not do it
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